Stalker Warns Ex-Girlfriend

Stalker Threatens Ex-Girlfriend with Murder After Abusive Relationship

Darren Hill, 34, hailing from Newport, has been labeled a “serial domestic abuser” as he continued to escalate his offenses. Hill’s relationship with the woman was described as tumultuous, marked by violence. Cardiff Crown Court heard that Hill physically assaulted her on two occasions – November 6, 2022, and April 15 – leaving her with injuries. Despite vowing to quit drinking, alcohol-fueled altercations persisted.

Stalker Warns Ex-Girlfriend
Stalker Warns Ex-Girlfriend

After the victim ended the relationship, Hill subjected her to a barrage of threatening phone calls and text messages. He menaced to harm her legs and even issued a chilling threat to murder her. He also pressured her to retract her statements about the assaults and demanded money from her.

Hill’s harassment extended to her workplace, where he persistently called her. On a single day, April 26, he made 43 missed calls, leading to his arrest. With a history of 24 prior convictions for 62 offenses, including domestic violence, Hill pleaded guilty to stalking, two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm, and violating a suspended prison sentence.

Represented by Stephen Thomas, Hill expressed genuine remorse for his actions. The judge, Recorder David Warner, noted Hill’s disturbing pattern of behavior and his worsening offenses. Despite the turbulent nature of the relationship, the judge emphasized that it did not justify Hill’s actions. With at least three convictions for partner assaults, Hill was sentenced to 20 weeks in jail, but his time served in custody since his arrest will result in his immediate release.

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